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Types of Locks

Types of Locks

Doors serve as a shield against burglars. For this reason, it must be fortified with locks that guarantee safety to lives and personal properties. However, a lot of bolts handles and knobs are available in the market thus; deciding on what best suit daunting. Do you desire insurance for your home yet lacks knowledge of the available ones? Then come on board on Peoria-locksmith24 as we lead you through the locks archive. Deadlock, mortice, rim, level, pin cylinder are a few types of locks you should explore.

Deadlock (deadbolt)

Deadbolt Lock

Otherwise called the deadbolts, the deadlocks are self-bolting locks which self-execute to release the bolt to close the doors and make it secured. Often, they are hand operated and functions by the rotating feature of the thumb turn. A considerable quantum of force is needed to prise the locks back. This feature makes the deadlocks highly secured. It assumes a retracted setting when the deadbolt is unlocked. They arrive in a variety of types including the latch bolts, thumbolt, and the double cylinder.

The mortice lock

Mortise LockThis type of lock is made or shaped to fill a space inside the door brim. It is finished with a cylinder shaped container fitted to a hallow The plate forms the basement for which the locks fit. The bolts are not easy to force open since the locking system are shielded inside the door fixtures. Its durability has endeared it to several home insurance schemes; hence it’s prescription as a term for cover. The locks convey an artistic finishing. When unlocked, the keyholes and the plates are the only visible parts.

The rim lock

Rim LockThe rim bolts are placed or fixed inside the door. The bolts arrive with key cylinders system placed on the door itself. In a closed position, the locks placed inside hooks the door frame. By implication, the rim locks are appropriate for inward door unlatching. Their capacity to render the frames and fixtures undamaged during fitting endears it to for listing in assets. Some of them are electronically unfastened such as the rim deadlock. It suits best in an asset having a common entry point.

Pin cylinder lock

Pin cylinder lockA Pin cylinder lock is a system which comprises a keyhole and a system placed within a cylinder. It possesses pins of different length to stop the bolts from unfastening if the appropriate key is not used. Chiefly, the cylinder locks edge other locks in the sense that their cylinders could be used to re-key locks without damages to the lock wares. Electronic pin cylinder locks are available and suit assets with control systems. They are either single or double cylinder locks. When security is the primary consideration, the double type is more valuable than the single.

Lever lock

Lever Handle LockTypically, this lock arrives in 3- and 5-lever collections. The lever in the lock is a function of the key shapes e., locks with a large number of the lever, possesses a variety of key shapes, making it a safer and more secure option. It is operated from outside as well as inside. To unfasten this lock, the key trails each lever up to a certain height. As an essential requirement in insurance, a 5 to 7 lever locks are often desired for optimum security. Other types of locks include; the single and the double cylinder locks.

Are you ready to make a Choice?

A few considerations: To assist you in identifying a lock type that suits your asset. Some criteria are scheduled here for you.

  • Check for the lock grades: According to industry standards, a lock arrives in grade and safety ratings.
  • Budget: Get your locks according to budget. Understand that safety is critical and priceless, but the resources at your disposal determine the choice of locks.
  • Smart designs: Enormous prototypes are available in the market with tech finishing. Some convey advantages over others. Irrespective the design, be sure it’s tested and trusted.
  • Brand: A book is judged by its cover.  A product is as good as its brand. The suitable approach to identifying superb locks is by considering the brand.

Making your choice with Peoria-locksmith24 – Irrespective the type of lock you desire, trust Peoria-locksmith24 to get your home secured. Get in touch with our locks man for the lock detailing we offer.

Commercial Locks

Commercial Door Locks and Hardware

Commercial Door Locks and Commercial Doors Hardware

The condition of your commercial property lock system is crucial to the security of your company’s valuables. As the first line of defense against intruders, ensuring your security system is in optimum condition will give you the confidence needed to carry out your daily activities with ease. At Peoria Locksmith 24, we only stock top quality, durable door locks and hardware that are resilient against any physical and mechanical setbacks.

We understand the importance commercial property security for your staff and valuables. As such, the locks we install are sturdier than the typical home grade lock systems – to ensure we provide the highest possible security level for your business.

Commercial LocksSecuring your Business

Every time you leave your office or business for home, you want to be confident that you are leaving a well secured business behind. Our locksmiths ensure only the best door hardware and locks are used to achieve this goal.

Unlike residential apartments, commercial properties require locks and hardware that can remain resilient in the face of high traffic usage. When you contact us, our locksmiths will help you determine the best lock and hardware system for your business. We also offer repair and installation locks services in Peoria AZ.

Repairs and Installation

Whether your commercial door is dragging or it is falling off the hinges, we’ve got you covered. Our locksmiths are well experienced in handling a variety of door lock problems, and we would offer the best possible recommendations and solutions to get your door lock functioning optimally again.

While some door lock problems may not require emergency solutions, others do. Whatever the case, you can rely on our service. As a 24/7 commercial locksmith service, we are readily available to serve you with emergency door lock and hardware solutions for your business at any time of the day in Peoria AZ. Our knowledge and hands-on experience in handling commercial door lock systems is unmatched by other locksmiths in Peoria. We take this claim seriously – and we work to prove this every day to different shops, office buildings, warehouses, and plants that need our service.

Regardless of the specific demand of your security needs or the door type installed at your commercial property, we can help. We do not only stock locks and hardware of the highest quality, but we ensure our delivery is done with precision and efficiency. Feel free to contact us at (623) 742-2353 – top quality door lock and hardware solution is a guarantee.


Locks Brands and Locks Rekey

What is rekey and when you need to rekey your locks


To make sure your locks are the most secure and best option for you needs, it helps to understand some common locks and keys terminology. For instance, what is re-key and when do you need to re-key your locks as well as which locks brands are best.


To re-key a lock is to change the inside components of the lock only, leaving the outer hardware intact but making it so that the lock will now require a new key to open it. The process is less expensive than buying brand new locks and having them installed but will only work on locks whose hardware are in good condition.

Rekeying is usually done when the owner is concerned that someone he or she does not trust may have access to the keys that open the lock.

To re-key a lock, a skilled locksmith will remove the pins and springs inside the lock cylinder and replace them with new pins and springs that work only with a new and different key. The end results is a brand new lock and key without the expense of purchasing and installing new hardware. Unless the outer hardware no long works, is damaged, is not allowed to be changed because it’s part of a master key system for an apartment complex or office building, or the home owner wants a different style of lock, rekeying is often the most affordable option in making sure you are the only one with access to the keys that open your door.

Rekey Locks

Locks Brands

Like anything in the consumer world, there are several brands of locks to choose from. Determining which one is best for your security often comes down to preference in style or budget. A qualified locksmith will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of the most popular brands in great detail.

Of course, you can choose a high-security option like RR Brink, but for everyday household use, most people don’t require top-notch prison-level security. Mul-T-Lock and Medeco are great hard-to-pick lock options. Yale is touted as being the creator of the modern day pin and tumbler locks and have many secure options. Generally speaking, Kwikset is one of the most commonly used locks sold by hardware stores. They are popular mostly because they are inexpensive. They also tend to not typically offer the best levels of security. Baldwin locks are considered to be a mid-range lock in that they are not the highest quality but not the worst either and are usually affordable. Schlage brand is also sold at most hardware stores, and while they are slightly more expensive, they provide a higher level of security than their cheaper alternative. They also sell a re-key kit to do it yourself if you need to re-key a Schlage lock.

Locks Brands

During the rekeying process, a locksmith will change out only the inside tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock and provide you with a new, working key. Contact us at Peoria Locksmith 24 to know what is re-key and when you need to re-key your locks as well as which lock brands are best for you.