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Master Key System

Master Key System

Now providing our customers with a high-quality master key system within no time!

Master Key System

Are you tired of keeping several keys for all your locks? Are you afraid of losing them and getting locked out of your premises? Now, you don’t have to worry as we have brought to you the best in the market, a highly acknowledged master key system.

A master key system is basically a way of developing a uniform access system. So, the number of keys that you carry normally will be reduced to only ONE! The system involves high-quality locks that could be accessed through an individual key and a master key. A master key system works really well in large buildings where there are several rooms and cabins. So, a master key could be used to unlock all of them and you could keep that master key with you if you are the BOSS!

We deal in developing a strengthened, sharp, and a robust master key system so that you can access any part of the premises with just one key. All the hassle of keeping several keys and burdening yourself would now be gone!

The Magic of Master Key System

Through a master key system, your employees will be restricted to a few places. For example, if you want to restrict the warehouse employee’s entry to all other areas, you can do that through a master key system. Whereas, if you want to restrict the entry of office employees, then also a Master Key would be suitable to get the job done! In today’s time of large businesses, recommend you to get a master key system and forget about all the worries!

If you get in touch with us for a master key system, you’ll be offered with the following advantages:

  • You’ll come across endless convenience as all locks could be accessed through one master key.
  • It’s a cost-effective solution because when you would call us, we would rekey all the locks installed on your premises. Hence, the locks will then be accessed through a master key without even installing new locks.
  • It is a perfect method to ensure much more security. You can’t trust all of your employees. There are areas in an office that need to be kept a secret. So, if you get a master key system, your secret chambers will be protected completely without letting all your employees to enter into them!
  • There’s no chance that someone could make a duplicate of your master key. If you get in touch with us, we will make sure that the master key is developed in such a way that is only confined to you and only you!

Master Key System

We are available to help you out 24/7. Our team of technicians is always ready to implement proper solutions at your premises. We never compromise on quality. Hence, our main target is to make our customers happy and satisfied!



Locked Out?


A car lockout can affect anyone – and they usually occur at especially bad times – when you are running late to work, experiencing a bad weather or when you find yourself in a lonely area at a late hour. This can be a really rough and frustrating period. When this happens, one of the first things that come to the mind is to call someone that may help you with an extra set of keys for your car. However, if you cannot find a duplicate key for your car or you find yourself in a really tight situation, you can find us.

Are you in Peoria, AZ? Are you locked out of your car with scarce options? Peoria Locksmith 24 services the majority of vehicle models and we are your best bet. No matter how tight your situation may seem, you do not have to worry. Our technicians are trained to handle the most difficult lockout situations and they will attend to you within 25 minutes or less from when you call us. Yes, we do all we can to ensure you are out of such frustrating situation as soon as possible – and that is why we are the your best bet in an emergency situation.

Lockout Service

Quick, Professional & Affordable Lockout Service in Peoria AZ

When you call us, you can rest assured that our technicians would use state of the art equipment to get access to your car and get you back in. Our experts have top quality technical skills and knowledge of the mobile locksmith process, making the lockout service as stress free as possible for you. Instead of getting your car towed to the dealer’s lot, you could save some money and time by calling us – rest assured our pricing system is very reasonable and designed to meet your emergency needs. You can give us a call and we will give you a quote specific for your situation.

It is normal to worry about a lockout especially when you experience this situation at a really odd hour. We understand this could happen. Our lockout service is designed to accommodate your needs at any time you call us – yes, we are 24/7 lockout service and our technicians do all they can at all times to ensure you are not stuck out in the cold. We urge anyone who may find themselves in this situation to find a safe place to wait, try to remain as calm as possible, and our technician will arrive in no time.

The skillset of our technicians have developed over the years as they have dealt with different situations successfully. You would always be carried along as the process begins – especially as some cases may demand that the lock is drilled through or broken as a result of a defective or broken lock. We always want you to be in control and fully understand the available choices so you can get back inside your car as soon as possible. Contact Peoria Locksmith 24 today and you can never go wrong – this we guarantee.


Locks Brands and Locks Rekey

What is rekey and when you need to rekey your locks


To make sure your locks are the most secure and best option for you needs, it helps to understand some common locks and keys terminology. For instance, what is re-key and when do you need to re-key your locks as well as which locks brands are best.


To re-key a lock is to change the inside components of the lock only, leaving the outer hardware intact but making it so that the lock will now require a new key to open it. The process is less expensive than buying brand new locks and having them installed but will only work on locks whose hardware are in good condition.

Rekeying is usually done when the owner is concerned that someone he or she does not trust may have access to the keys that open the lock.

To re-key a lock, a skilled locksmith will remove the pins and springs inside the lock cylinder and replace them with new pins and springs that work only with a new and different key. The end results is a brand new lock and key without the expense of purchasing and installing new hardware. Unless the outer hardware no long works, is damaged, is not allowed to be changed because it’s part of a master key system for an apartment complex or office building, or the home owner wants a different style of lock, rekeying is often the most affordable option in making sure you are the only one with access to the keys that open your door.

Rekey Locks

Locks Brands

Like anything in the consumer world, there are several brands of locks to choose from. Determining which one is best for your security often comes down to preference in style or budget. A qualified locksmith will be able to walk you through the pros and cons of the most popular brands in great detail.

Of course, you can choose a high-security option like RR Brink, but for everyday household use, most people don’t require top-notch prison-level security. Mul-T-Lock and Medeco are great hard-to-pick lock options. Yale is touted as being the creator of the modern day pin and tumbler locks and have many secure options. Generally speaking, Kwikset is one of the most commonly used locks sold by hardware stores. They are popular mostly because they are inexpensive. They also tend to not typically offer the best levels of security. Baldwin locks are considered to be a mid-range lock in that they are not the highest quality but not the worst either and are usually affordable. Schlage brand is also sold at most hardware stores, and while they are slightly more expensive, they provide a higher level of security than their cheaper alternative. They also sell a re-key kit to do it yourself if you need to re-key a Schlage lock.

Locks Brands

During the rekeying process, a locksmith will change out only the inside tumbler or wafer configuration of the lock and provide you with a new, working key. Contact us at Peoria Locksmith 24 to know what is re-key and when you need to re-key your locks as well as which lock brands are best for you.